Air Products will be showing off their new Avilox system to the South African hatchery industry this month at a major poultry trade show.

Avilox is a cost effective method for significantly increasing production by increasing egg hatchability through the enrichment of the incubators with oxygen. Avilox technology has been developed in Mexico as part of a joint effort between CryoInfra and Air Products and could significantly improve hatching rates.

Launching the product into African markets the company will be attending the AVI Africa Exhibition in Johannesburg this month to demonstrate the idea. The idea follows experiments conducted by the Utah College of Agriculture that concluded here was a marked improvement in hatchability when the eggs and chicks were exposed to an oxygen enriched atmosphere during their first 18 days.

Since 2001, Air Products has been on the cutting edge of this technology, saving the industry money, while increasing overall production. Avilox technology solves the problem of inherently low hatchability of eggs experienced by hatcheries that operate at altitudes above 1000m.