AvtoGazTrans is one of leading enterprises in the market of the industrial uglekislotny equipment. In 20 years of work the company saved up considerable experience in the development and production of different types of equipment for CO2 use.

This valuable experience and technical development allows the company to remain the favorable supplier for businesses in Russia, the countries of the near and far abroad, to meet specified needs.

The company continuously develops, with special attention paid to updating production equipment. The machine park generally manufacturers products with numerical programmed control, modern automatic and semi-automatic welding equipment for welding in the protective environment, as well as assemble and test equipment.

AvtoGazTrans equipment is applied in many industries: beer - the nonalcoholic and food industry, metallurgy and processing of metals, production of polyurethane foam and heat-insulating materials, service of fire extinguishing systems, agriculture, heat power and the oil industry.

Tanks for RDKh 5-2,0 liquid carbonic acid storage — RDKh50-2,0, tanks for its transportation of TsZhU10-2,0, TsZhU18-2,0, station pumping over AGT141, the AGT 24A charging stations, AGT55-226, AGT55-227 gasifiers, complexes on receiving carbonic acid are issued not only in a production version, but also according to individual wishes of the customer. Also preproject and project works, installation, chief installation and commissioning are performed.

The quality and high standards achieved by the company is confirmed by a victory in the annual Federal competition “100 best goods of Russia”, since 2005 and for 2013 and is provided with existence certified on compliance to requirements of State standard ISO 9001-2008 (ISO 9001-2008) of quality management system.

The company takes part in the work of many public organisations, with the purpose of the development of business activity, and also assistance to the members in the increasing of production efficiency and obtaining necessary information for maintaining business development.

The business has spent more than ten years as a member of the Chamber of Commerce and is in the industry of the Samara region.