It's been an encouraging start to the New Year for leading gas analysis and equipment group Servomex, with both an award received and a new website for its Hummingbird Sensing Technology company announced as January 2010 unfolds.

First of all, Servomex has revealed that it's world-leading expertise in gas analysis has been recognised by the International Society of Automation’s Analytical Division (ISA-AD). The award followed the presentation of a technical paper to the 53rd Analysis Division Symposium in 2009.

Servomex was awarded Second Place for Best Technical Paper and given the 2009 Gilmer/Thomason/Fowler/Konrad award for 'A Comparative Analysis Of The Errors In The Measurement Of Oxygen Between In-situ And Extractive Methods', presented to the symposium in Houston by David Fahle, Vice President of Hydrocarbon Processing, Americas.

Following the presentation to a peer group of more than 200 professionals, working in multiple industries including hydrocarbon processing, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and power generation, the paper was voted second out of 32 submissions - and was subsequently invited by ISA-AD to be presented again at the ISA EXPO conference in Houston in October.

Co-authored by Servomex technical experts James Hobby, Ian Gaskin, Richard Kovacich, Martin Lopez and Bahram Alizadeh, the paper reviews the emergence of new techniques for in-situ oxygen measurement that increases the range of methods available to the user, but for which there has previously been limited analysis of the actual errors present for both in-situ and traditional extractive methods.

By exploring the major contributory errors present in both cases, Servomex offers professionals interested in the selection of oxygen analysers a valuable increased understanding of the capabilities of the available techniques – enabling them to make more informed decisions about which methods would be most suitable for their process requirements.

“Congratulations to our technical team, who worked hard to create this authoritative paper that offers real benefit to anyone evaluating the wide range of oxygen analyser techniques now available,” said Chris Cottrell, Managing Director of Servomex.

“The bedrock of our expertise is the high level of dedicated technical and scientific research we undertake, so to have our leading position recognised by an organisation as respected as ISA is an honour.”

The award rounded off a successful year for Servomex which also saw the new SERVOTOUGH Oxy analyser awarded the Gold award in the 2009 Golden Gas awards.

Yet it just keeps getting better for the Servomex grop, with the news that its Humingbird Sensing Technology division has opened the new year with the launch of a brand new website at

The website supports a growing reputation as the leading manufacturer of gas sensors for the OEM market, and showcases the available sensor options for both healthcare and industrial OEM applications, as well as hosting direct contact details for EMEA, Americas, Japan and Asia Pacific representatives.

It also serves as a resource for global manufacturers, with forthcoming language options in Chinese, Portuguese Brazilian and Japanese.

Assembled to the highest build quality at a state-of-the-art ISO 9001-certified manufacturing facility in Crowborough, UK, Hummingbird sensor technology lies at the heart of the world-leading range of Servomex gas analysers. Delivering unsurpassed performance, reliability and ease of integration, Hummingbird sensors contain no consumable parts and many sensors continue to perform following decades of continuous use.

This proven reliability in both process and life critical applications enable OEM partners to offer real lifetime cost-of-ownership benefits to their customers.

The company's sensors detect a range of gases including oxygen, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and methane, making them suitable for a range of applications including Continuous Emissions Monitoring (CEMS), fruit storage, food packaging, calorimetry and vehicle exhaust testing.

Its product range includes the acclaimed Paracube® oxygen sensors, while the latest addition to the Paracube®series, the Paracube® Micro, delivers a ‘next-generation’ design ethos with a unrivalled degree of system integration, flexibility, compliance and reliability.

Now, the new webste should enable Hummingbird's cutting-edge technology to really take flight around the world.

The company's Martin Cox added,“HUMMINGBIRD is delighted to launch our new website, which will help us underline our increasing presence as a global manufacturer of gas sensors.$quot;