Roadgas proudly stood alongside triple gold winners NCT at the UK Bus awards which took place 20thNovember 2018. 

Roadgas was proud to stand alongside triple gold winners Nottingham City Transport (NCT) at UK Bus Awards 2018. 

“These awards reflect hard work and commitment by everyone at NCT in ensuring that Nottingham operates an unparalleled, premium and low emission bus service,” said David Rix, Managing Director of Roadgas.

At the event, NTC was recognised for its significant contribution towards transitioning Nottingham into the UK’s greenest city.

NTC and Roadgas partnered up in 2016 to supply and maintain a refuelling station to support the transformation of its 53 double decker buses to biogas, the largest biogas fleet currently in operation.

In partnership with Roadgas, NTC is working towards having a third of its fleet operating on biogas, and already has an almost carbon neutral ‘well-to-wheel’ footprint for the fleet as a whole. Through using biogas produced from waste through anaerobic digestion currently operates some of the greenest buses on today’s roads.

As a result of its pledge to deliver significant improvements to air quality, NCT received the top accolade of Gold in the ‘Environment Award’ category at this year’s UK Bus Awards ceremony.

The move has seen the transport network emit over 3,500 tonnes less carbon dioxide (CO2), 35 tonnes less nitrogen oxide (NOx) and ¾ tonne less particulate matter each year.

“We are immensely proud to be part of the Nottingham City Transport team, not only because of its dedication to improving air quality, but for also providing a seamless travel experience in the region,” stated David Rix, Managing Direct of Roadgas

“It was an honour to assist the company with the first phase of its transition towards running its initial fleet on biogas, we remain committed to supporting Nottingham City Transport with its operations both now and in the future,” said Rix.