The Association of Welding and Distribution (AWD) is heading towards the festive season by re-launching its website with a new design and enhanced content.
The new website, offers information and updates regarding the AWD to interested parties. Within the website, visitors can access information about current members and obtaining membership to the association, latest news as well as information about regional meetings and the association’s publication, ‘Welding World’.
Adrian Hawkins, AWD Vice Chair, remarked, “We intend to continue with the development of the website by adding more content, thereby giving greater value to our members.”
He added, “With the recent Fume Focus Seminars held around the country and the announcement of the 2nd Welding World exhibition to take place next year at Crewe Hall Cheshire alongside our Annual Conference over the weekend 8th-10th April 2011, the AWD continues to develop its activities both for the member and the end user of welding products.”
Next year, The Welding World Exhibition will offer a day-long opportunity for both manufacturers and distributors to exhibit a wide range of welding and cutting equipment, welding consumables, health and safety equipment, process gases and other ancillary products. The second day of its kind is scheduled to take place on Friday 8th April 2011.