Air Water (AWI)’s Honorary Chairman Hiroshi Aoki passed away aged 89 on 20th February, The Gas Review reported.

His wake and funeral service were hosted by the closest family members on 23rd and 24th with his nephew Kanji Aoki as chief mourner.

Aoki was born in July 1928 in Matsumoto City (formerly Azusagawa Village) of Nagano Prefecture. He entered Daido Sanso in 1955, took office of Representative Director/President of Daido Sanso in 1984, Chairman and CEO of Daido Hokusan in 1993, Representative Director/Chairman of Air Water in 2000 and Representative Director/Honorary Chairman of Air Water from 2015 and then took the last office from 2016.

He assumed office of Chairman of JIGA from June 2001 to March 2002. He was awarded Medal with Blue Ribbon in 1989 and the Order (third grade) of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Neck Ribbon in 2000.

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Source: The Gas Review