Clean fuel solutions provider Axens is celebrating ten years of its adsorbent ranges AxSorb and AxTrap.

Produced in France, Canada and the US, Axens has provided more than 150,000 tonnes of its adsorbent series over the past ten years to sectors ranging from industrial gas to carbon capture and storage (CCS), hydrogen, odour control and biogas.

The technology itself provides various solutions for customers, with the regenerable AxSorb range allowing operators to reach stringent specifications, focusing on safety, depollution and catalysts protection.

AxTrap adsorbents on the other hand are non-regenerable and trap poisons using chemisorption, focusing on mercury, sulphurs, fluorine, arsine or chlorides.

In addition to its tailor-made adsorbent solutions, Axens provide on and off-site services from loading/unloading to troubleshooting and unit optimisation.