Construction of the basic oxygen furnace (BOF) at PJSC «Azovstal Iron & Steel Works» is reportedly at its completion phase and the first twin ladle furnace installation has reached its designed production capacity, as one of the main units of the new production complex which is intended to considerably influence both the enterprise’s economy and the Mariupol ecology.

The first twin ladle-furnace installation has reached its design capacity, capable of handling up to 2 million tonnes of steel per year and making a significant ecological effect. Due to the aspiration system of ladle-furnace installation, annual emissions of converter production dust into atmosphere will decrease by 40% in comparison with the already existing units.

The aspiration system at the ladle-furnace installation is unique within the territory of Ukraine and CIS countries at the expense of the up-to-date cellular electrostatic precipitator, as the ION-BLAST-ESP allows for the ionization of the cleaned gases.

Designed according to the latest technologies, the ladle furnace is equipped with modern automated control system, including the laboratory that is unique by its technology usage and allows conducting on-line chemical analysis of steel which is being processed at that moment. Being fully automated the laboratory significantly increases the whole technological process.

The air separation unit ASU-60 of Azovstal, included in Group Metinvest, had been put into operation back in November, addressing an oxygen deficit and contributing to the strategic aim of producing 8 million tpy of high quality steel. Working in 4 different modes, the ASU allowed for flexible oxygen-converter production, making 40,000 м3 of high pressure oxygen per hour and 20,000 м3 of low pressure oxygen per hour.

Dmitriy Livshits, General Director of Azovstal Iron and Steel Works, said, “Unit start-up is the sign of the new progressive phase in the history of BOF-shop and the whole enterprise. Subsequent putting into operation of the other units of the production complex will enable us to reach soonest, the new level of steel production in terms of quality and power saving.”

The program of total technical re-equipment started at Azovstal in 2004 is continuously being implemented, through a number of ongoing developments and expansions.