Bacharach, Inc., a refrigerant gas detection and combustion analyser manufacturer, has enhanced its current service support capabilities by implementing enhanced servicing options from its site in New Kensington, Pennsylvania.

The US-based business has introduced a 24-hour priority calibration and repair service, in which customers now have the option of single-day priority service. Standard turn-around service time is 4-5 working days after receipt of the instrument.

In addition, Bacharach has introduced the BSMART pre-calibrated sensor programme in which replacement sensors are shipped at pre-determined intervals in returnable, pre-labelled containers. This enables customers to install pre-calibrated sensors in the field.

“The main driver for this enhanced turn-around service is to keep our instruments in the hands of the technicians who rely on them for their work,” explained Bacharach’s President Doug Keeports.

“Being able to obtain quick and easy expedited service through Bacharach’s professional certified repair and servicing centre offers our customers reliable expert support when they need it most.”

Bacarach began operations in 1909 in Pittsburgh, as a family-owned manufacturing business. Its initial focus was on the development and production of instruments that measure air flow and gas sensing for combustion analysis. Today, the business has expanded to include a complete line of products that detect, measure and monitor gases with portable and fixed instruments.