Refrigerant gas leak detection and monitoring instrument manufacturer Bacharach has issued a new release to the Parasense platform to support requirements for refrigerant management.

The new release provides users with a streamlined regulation workflow enabling clear compliance with the EPA 608 requirements for 2019, as well as CARB and F-Gas regulations.

The newest release of the Parasense platform blends a user toolset complete with compliance calendar, automated leak rate calculator, intuitive analysis, guided data entry, and compliance reporting features.

This upgrade provides for the detailed and robust record keeping of refrigerant usage, leak rates, repairs, revised equipment thresholds, repair/retire/retrofit timeframes, and other requirements ensuring continuity of legislation compliance for equipment owners.

Adam Marsh, Product Manager for Parasense explained, “Development of the regulation workflow has been a fundamental evolution of the Parasense platform, and refrigerant compliance generally.”

“The workflow has been carefully designed to distill regulations into clear processes, procedures and specific tasks that are easy to understand and follow. All users are guided through the same, correct procedure and any compliance tasks are scheduled automatically. This provides full visibility of compliance with regulations.”

“The workflow clearly identifies any upcoming actions, with ample opportunity for planning and collaboration between teams to ensure compliance with the new 2019 regulation requirements for EPA Section 608 or any other refrigerant regulation.”

Refrigerant leaks and emissions have a broad and costly impact on organisations. The cost of replacing the refrigerant itself, the loss in product and service, increased energy consumption, negative environmental impacts and safety implications are common consequences of refrigerant leaks.

Marsh continued, “Integrating leak detection with the Parasense platform gives the opportunity for rapid response times. This empowers engineering, refrigerant and maintenance managers to achieve the highest operational performance with the lowest emissions and equipment operating costs.”

Besides the updated regulation workflow, the Parasense platform has upgraded the user interface, providing a clean, crisp layout for users to easily navigate their refrigerant management in one place.

The Parasense platform replaces the paradigm of multiple spreadsheets, to help equipment owners and contractors collaborate towards lowering refrigerant emissions and ensuring regulation compliance.

The Parasense platform ensures secure access anytime, anywhere by any registered users.