Bacharach, Inc., a leading provider of HVAC-R gas instrumentation and combustion analysis solutions, has received voluntary compliance with AHRI Standard 1260 for the Insight® Plus and InTech® handheld combustion analysers.

The recently ratified AHRI Standard 1260 specifies requirements for the performance rating of portable flue combustion analysers measuring specific combustion flue gas products of heating appliances for residential and light commercial applications using fuels including natural gas, propane, and light and heavy fuel oil. Performance parameters include measurement range, resolution, accuracy, response time, and usability. Compliance to the standard ensures an objective level of performance as determined by industry experts.

AHRI Standard 1260 closely parallels the European Standard EN 50379, with the exception of a combustion efficiency equation for North America. Bacharach analysers are also certified to EN 50379 and use the Siegert efficiency equations for Europe. The release of the new standard provides additional confidence to the HVAC contractor that their flue gas measurements are accurate and consistent among all AHRI 1260 compliant analysers.

Bacharach Insight Plus and InTech combustion analysers allow HVAC technicians to inspect and tune residential and light commercial furnaces and boilers for optimal performance. The analysers are supported by pre-calibrated, field-replaceable sensors which allow them to be calibrated by simply changing the sensors instead of using calibration gas or sending away for factory calibration. These instruments also feature high-resolution displays which enable data transfer to a mobile app for report generation.

Bacharach's handheld combustion analyser

Bacharach’s Insight® Plus and InTech® handheld combustion analysers.

Source: Bacharach