Bacharach, a Pittsburgh-based manufacturer of HVAC-R gas instrumentation and monitoring solutions, has introduced its latest product, the MVR-SC controller.

The MVR-SC controller is designed to pair with MVR-300 refrigerant monitors to provide real-time status of refrigerant leaks throughout a facility.

Key functions of the MVR-SC include centralised alarming for MVR-300 VRF leak detectors, network set-up and MVR-300 Modbus ID assignment, system monitoring, and integration with the MRV-300.

The MRV-SC eliminates the need to integrate VRF leak detection into a BAS controller and the related custom programming expense.

By implementing a hybrid Ethernet serial network the MVR-SC simplifies the Modbus integration, provides fast response for fault detection and troubleshooting and is quickly deployed in any facility size.

The MVR-SC monitors up to 100 MVR-300 devices and has an integrate audible alarm. The MVR-SC has an intuitive user interface built on a colour, touchscreen display.

MVR-SC front mockup w MVR-300

Source: Bacharach