Bacharach, Inc. a leading provider of gas and refrigerant leak detection, combustion and emissions analysis instrumentation, energy management, and data analytics has released the PCA® 400 portable combustion and emissions analyser which can measure up to four gases at once with six sensor options.

Bacharach pca 400 analyser

Bacharach’s PCA 400 portable combustion and emissions analyser

The PCA 400 provides efficiency measurements and combustion emissions data during the fuel burning process that helps facilitate improved system performance, a reduction in energy consumption, and decreased emissions impact on the environment.

Doug Keeports CEO and President of Bacharach, Inc. commented, “The PCA 400 is an industrial-grade product at a commercial price point. It provides features and benefits not typically seen in this level of instrument by surpassing our competition in design, sensor life, run time and software.”

He continued, “With true NOx and data logging, the PCA 400 and sample conditioner are important tools for technicians to improve system performance and productivity.”

The robust touch screen, physical navigation buttons and Bluetooth wireless connectivity, allow for easy, remote, safe and convenient operation in tough environments, whilst the 12-hour rechargeable and optional alkaline batteries keep the analyser at the ready for all day operation.