Ballard Power Systems Europe has signed framework agreements for the provision of its direct hydrogen backup power systems with two fibre optic broadband networks in Denmark.

The Ballard Power Systems subsidiary has received initial orders from Eniig and Fibia for a total of 30 FCgen®-H2PM 5kW systems, including installation, hydrogen storage and power management equipment. With a total value of approximately $1.2m, the agreement includes 20 systems for Eniig and 10 systems for Fibia.

Both customers began installing Ballard fuel cell backup power systems in their networks several years ago and together they currently have a total of over 125 Ballard systems in service. These enable individual network nodes to seamlessly maintain operation in the event of a grid power failure, thereby ensuring uninterrupted delivery of internet and television services to business and residential customers.

Eniig and Fibia’s plans call for the total deployment of 70-to-100 additional FCgen-H2PM systems during 2019, of which the 30 systems announced today are an initial tranche.

Nick Højvang Andersen, Eniig Installation Specialist said, “With 11 years of experience using fuel cell systems for backup power, we are confident that these are a robust and reliable solution with a long lifetime in the field.”

“We plan to convert all our battery backup power systems to fuel cell technology over the coming few years, as a result of the greater reliability, lower operating cost and stronger ROI that fuel cells deliver.”

Jesper Themsen, President and CEO of Ballard Power Systems Europe noted, “We are very pleased to announce these framework agreements and product orders from Eniig and Fibia. Our long-standing collaboration with these customers will continue as we increase the number of systems deployed in Denmark using our zero-emission fuel cell technology.”

Ballard’s FCgen-H2PM systems combine hydrogen fuel cell technology with a fully integrated power management system and can be deployed in either an integrated or standalone configuration.

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