Ballard Power Systems Inc., provider of clean energy products, is to participate at two upcoming investor conferences and has released a report on the heavy-duty transportation market.

Ballard will participate at the following investor conferences:

  • Wednesday, 5th September – Tony Guglielmin, Chief Financial Officer, will present and meet one-on-one with interested investors during the H.C. Wainwright & Co. 20th Annual Global Investment Conference at the St. Regis Hotel inH2 New York City, New York.
  • Wednesday and Thursday, 5th and 6th September – Guy McAree, Director of Investor Relations, will present and meet one-on-one with interested investors during the 7th Annual Gateway Conference at the Four Seasons Hotel in San Francisco, California.

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Heavy-duty transportation market report

In other news, Ballard Power Systems has provided a report in collaboration with alpha DIRECT Advisors (ADA), a division of EnergyTech Investor, LLC (ETI), on the heavy-duty transportation market, including key trends underpinning the growing interest in fuel cell products.

The report discusses Ballard’s technology readiness in the hydrogen (H2) industry to enable full scale production of commercial H2 fuel cells for a range of Heavy Duty Motive applications. The underlying trends that are driving interest in fuel cell technology favour the company’s two major growth platforms: Power Products and Technology Solutions. Given its focus on H2-powered Heavy-Duty Motive applications, including buses, trucks, trains and the marine sector, Ballard believe in the commercial viability of fuel cell technology and products.

The surge in demand for clean energy propulsion systems across a growing array of Heavy Duty and Medium Duty Motive uses positions Ballard, and its products, in a critical sweet spot.

Rob Campbell, Vice-President and Chief Commercial Officer, Ballard Power Systems, explains, “I see a number of major trends that are linked and driving our business to new heights. The first is electrification of mobility. During the last couple of years, we have seen a tremendous upswing in the number of options available and the number of programmes announced to electrify vehicle drive trains. This is a fundamental shift that’s enabling new solutions, in particular fuel cell solutions, to provide different fuel choices and options for end users.”

“Furthermore, we are seeing a tremendous uptick in the focus on decarbonisation of the planet to minimise climate change. This has increased the level of awareness within many jurisdictions that we are working in. We are also focused on regions with urban air quality issues as well.”

“Air quality in cities and in certain parts of the world is now being prioritised for immediate change due to the impact that poor air quality is having on health,” he added.

Campbell believes that the scale-up of the H2 solution for fuelling is very attractive and a clear choice.

He said, “This is not only to address the refuelling challenges of infrastructure build-up, but also to address the important linkage to the ecosystem to enable deployment of much more renewable energy into our grids and into our societies to help with those important decarbonisation air quality goals.”

“Overall, we at Ballard are absolutely energised by what we are seeing and with a tremendous team of dedicated professionals, we are very proud to be part of this revolutionary transformation that we are seeing in the world today. Ballard is scaling up to meet the growing demand and we are here to become part of the H2 economy,” Campbell concluded.