The disposable balloon gas package, Balloon Occasions, has re-entered the market place after concerns over the original filling nozzle have been resolved.
Earlier this year, all Balloon Occasions packages were recalled due to an error in the filling nozzle. The re-launched packages share visual similarities to the original, however BOC states that, “this new nozzle has been re-designed internally before undergoing stringent testing by both the nozzle supplier and ourselves, and meets all our quality and safety standards.”
BOC has also confirmed that all further Balloon Occasions products on sale by the firm will be fitted with the new design nozzle. For ease of identification, all packaging will be labelled with a red, ‘NEW NOZZLE’ sticker.
Further to the upgraded nozzle, BOC has also put in place additional, ongoing, quality control processes. In a press statement the company commented, “We apologise to any customers who were inconvenienced by the earlier recall and assure you of our continuing commitment to quality and safety in all the products we supply.”