Babcock & Wilcox (B&W) wants to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from industrial and utilities plants with its SolveBright™ post-combustion regenerable solvent-based solution.

Part of B&W’s complete suite of ClimateBright™ decarbonisation technologies, the carbon capture process can be flexible with a variety of solvents, or optimised to a specific solvent, depending on a customers’ needs.

Commenting on its latest development, Kenneth Young, Chairman and CEO of B&W, said, “B&W is focused on providing leadership and advocacy for decarbonisation and providing effective solutions to help our customers reduce greenhouse gases.”

“Our SolveBright™ technology is an efficient and economical way to combat CO2 emissions from industrial and utility processes and we’re excited about its potential application in a wide variety of industries.”

As well as the SolveBright™, the ClimateBright™ technology line includes solutions for hydrogen production. The full line of solutions include:

  • BrightLoop™ technology to produce hydrogen, steam or syngas from a variety of fuels or feedstocks while isolating CO2 for storage or other industrial purposes
  • SolveBright™ regenerable solvent technology for post combustion carbon capture
  • OxyBright™ combustion process using oxygen instead of air, which is applicable for new and retrofit applications
  • BrightGen™ hydrogen combustion technology

Young, added, “B&W’s diverse ClimateBright™ suite of technologies has a wide range of applications across many industries, such as carbon black manufacturing, cement, energy production, food manufacturing, oil and gas, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper, and steel.”