With a view to upgrading medical facilities in a more than 100 year-old hospital, the Bangalore-based Bowring and Lady Curzon Hospital is to set up its own liquid oxygen plant.

The plant will be the first of its kind for any government hospital in the state, and will provide piped oxygen to each of the 686 beds in the hospital.

A centralised oxygen supply system is currently being used only in private hospitals across the state, which is very expensive for the common man to avail the services.

Set up with an investment of $211,180 (Rs 1.40 crore), however, the new plant will come up adjacent to BDA Block on the hospital premises, from where it will supply compressed oxygen to each bed. The system is very important as it will not only ensure timely and regular oxygen supplementation to patients, but will also reduce the load on the hospital’s intensive care unit.

Presently, if there are any emergencies, nurses have to run around with oxygen cylinders from one ward to another. As per an estimate, 150 patients’ needs for oxygen daily are catered for with 50 cylinders that the hospital owns.