Barben Analytical has introduced the OXYvisor, its second-generation process oxygen analyser, capable of measuring oxygen in either the gas or liquid phrase.

When in the gas phrase, the analyser measures from trace (0.5 ppmv) to % level oxygen, and in the liquid phase, it measures dissolved oxygen from 1 ppb to ppm. There is currently no other equal oxygen analyser on the market for the trace level ppm O2 gas phrase measurements.

The OXYvisor can be used for continuous oxygen measurement and detects oxygen in flare gas, nitrogen headers and hydrocarbon and other process streams.

The analyser offers high accuracy, dependability and low maintenance. Its optical technology contains no membranes, which are susceptible to fouling, or electrolyte, which can poison or fail.

The device is used to detect oxygen to prevent the corrosion of capital equipment and to ensure product quality. Typical applications include vapor recovery systems, annealing furnaces, produced water, enhanced oil recovery waterfloods, tank blanketing systems, and upstream to midstream natural gas processes.

The OXYvisor provides supervisory-type monitoring capabilities with advanced diagnostic, auto calibration and remote validation capabilities.