Honeywell Specialty Films has introduced a new mid-level oxygen barrier film which adds to the choices processors have for packaging foods and liquids and further develops barrier requirements for differing packaging applications.

Preventing oxygen permeation through plastic packaging is a major issue in the food industry, as the oxidation of foods or liquids reduces shelf life and affects the sensory properties.

Honeywell introduced the new film as part of its current OxyShield range of nylon barrier packaging for food manufacturers, with the new Oxyshield Plus composed of biaxially oriented layers of ethylene-vinyl alcohol copolymer (EVOH) sandwiched by nylon.

“It has outstanding resistance to solvents, oils and greases that are common to both materials,” the company claims.

Jeff Czarnecki, business director for Honeywell’s Specialty films business, underlines the company’s strategy to offer a complete line of oxygen barrier solutions, “Our customers increasingly have varied barrier needs for film packaging and can expect an even higher barrier Oxyshield film as we complete our full product portfolio in the near future.”