US based Baseline-MOCON is launching a new gas chromatograph, which monitors trace impurities in carbon dioxide.

Traditionally, two separate units have been required to test CO2 for the presence of acetaldehyde and BTEX (benzene, Toluene, ethyl benzene and xylene) contaminants. However the new BevAlert Model 8900 is the first analyzer that can detect the presence of both acetaldehyde and BTEX VOCs (volatile organic compounds) through one unit.

The new unit allows plant operators to significantly reduce capital outlay for this type of instrumentation, while at the same time being able to detect even smaller amounts of a wider range of gases.

The testing is used by the food and beverage industry and specialty gas manufacturers. They monitor and eliminate trace volatile organic compounds in CO2 used in bottling beverages.

"Increasingly bottlers are mandating to Co2 gas suppliers that such analysis is done to help insure a higher quality product," says Bob Forsberg, president, Baseline-MOCON. "Our unit provides data to help meet those quality objectives."

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