BASF and Linde-KCA-Dresden GmbH (LKCA), a Linde Group subsidiary, will jointly market licenses and plants for the capture of carbon dioxide (CO2) from flue gases in the future.

The companies have signed a cooperation agreement, within which BASF will be responsible for the chemical processes for capturing CO2, while LKCA will provide engineering and design as well as the construction of the facilities.

The cooperation will focus mainly on the Middle East region, where the demand for purified CO2 is increasing, for example to raise yields in crude oil production (by means of enhanced oil recovery) and in urea production.

“In a situation where energy production around the world relies predominantly on fossil materials and where this share is expected to increase further, we will concentrate precisely on these energy sources in our cooperation,” said Dr. Andreas Northemann, Head of the Gas Treatment Business in BASF’s Intermediates division.

He added, “By pooling the two companies’ expertise we can provide our customers with integrated engineering solutions and even complete CO2 capture plants.”

LKCA Managing Director Jörg Linsenmaier commented,“Through this cooperation we will contribute to capturing and transporting climate-damaging CO2 in a controlled manner for recycling in purified form or final sequestration.”

LKCA, one of the world’s major chemical and gas plant engineering companies, has extensive expertise especially in the field of planning and building plants that separate and then compress CO2 from flue gases.

BASF has vast experience in capturing CO2 from gas flows. The company markets its amine-based gas treatment technology under the brand name aMDEA®. For many years this BASF process has been used successfully around the world in more than 220 gas scrubbing facilities, as they are known, mainly in natural gas and syngas facilities.