Bay Ship and Yacht has won the contract to build the first hydrogen (H2) fuel cell passenger vessel in the US.

Golden Gate Zero Emission Marine (GGZEM) announced last month it had been awarded a $3m grant by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) to build the vessel, which will be named Water-Go-Round - a light-hearted nod that speaks to the cyclical nature of how the technology works.

GGZEM awarded $3m grant to build first hydrogen fuel cell vessel in the US

“Bay Ship is honoured to participate in this pioneering effort, as builder of the first zero emission passenger vessel in the US,” said Bay Ship and Yacht Founder, Bill Elliott.

“This project places Bay Ship and Yacht at the forefront of its industry by being the first ship yard to build such a vessel in the US,” added Richard Maguire, Business Director Bay Ship and Yacht. “It also ensures the continuation of commercial boat building in the bay area.”

“Together, with our partners, we will show our communities there is a long-term solution to meeting the drastic cuts in pollution and greenhouse gases required by states like California and other governments around the globe,” said Dr. Joseph W. Pratt, CEO of GGZEM.

Who is Bay Ship and Yacht?

Founded in 1977, Bay Ship and Yacht’s original focus was the construction and repair of wooden ships. Founder Bill Elliott travelled the country with his crew, instilling in them deep respect for the sea and a passion for achieving the level of quality in vessels that ocean travel demands. This passion endured as the company made the transition to repair and conversion of commercial and military vessels, research vessels, new builds, and super yachts. Bay Ship and Yacht’s commitment to quality construction and repair is widely recognised throughout the commercial vessel community, and its reputation is well-known amongst experienced owners who have made Bay Ship and Yacht their ship yard of choice.