The British Compressed Air Society (BCAS) has strengthened its ranks following its appointment of Steven Rohan, Division Engineering Manager at Parker Hannifin Manufacturing (Parker) as the new Vice President.

Having been a member of the BCAS since 2018, Rohan brings to the role nearly 30 years of experience in the air and gas treatment industry. 

Steven Rohan

Steven Rohan

With a focus on the new UKCA marking, which is replacing the CE marking, Rohan will join BCAS President Mark Ranger to provide guidance on the compressed air and vacuum sector. 

In addition to ensuring the new UKCA marking is fit for purposed, Rohan will also take on the responsibility of lobbying government. 

Part of his role will involve the encouragement of energy-efficient technology uptake alongside effective maintenance regimes. 

Commenting on the new hire, Vanda Jones, Executive Director, BCAS, said, “His passion for the industry and enthusiasm for driving up standards and improving environmental performance will be a welcome addition to our team.” 

“He will provide a clear and relevant direction during his term in office and help build a strong basis for the future.” 

A qualified mechanical engineer, Rohan is expected to utilise experience gained while working in senior roles across engineering, operations and business leadership at Parker, in the UK, Netherlands and in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region. 

As an active member of the Whitworth Society committee, he is also a keen proponent of the promotion of its new compressed air and vacuum technician apprenticeship programme.