Safety in working practices in the industrial gases business is the key theme throughout the day, as the 2008 Annual BCGA Conference gets underway near Leeds in the UK.

A number of technical committee report updates and news of the latest publications of the British Compressed Gases Association set the ball rolling at the Oulton Hall venue, as this year's conference begins in earnest.

Topics for discussion throughout the day will focus on the subject of safety within the industry as speakers take a closer look at tackling disruption caused by acetylene cylinder incidents, the regulations facing the transport of compressed gases, and how climate change will affect the industry - among a number of other presentations to be made during the event.

As well as an insightful day of discussion, debate and didactic presentations, the conference will host a dinner evening and present networking opportunities before drawing to a close. For some delegates, this will also be followed by a day on the golf course on Friday - where further discussion and issue-disection may be encouraged.