The British Compressed Gases Association (BCGA) has announced the publication of a new Guidance Note (32) covering Medical Gases and Good
Distribution Practice.

Medical products require effective management control during their distribution to ensure quality and integrity are maintained. Published on 26th August (2016), the document provides guidance on good distribution practice as required by medical regulators.

Guidance Note 32 can be downloaded free of charge through the publications area of the BCGA site.

Publication of the new guidance note is the latest in a series of developments this summer from the BCGA, with the association launching a free online guide for all gas users in August to make it easier to comply with gas cylinder safety legislation.

The online guide explains a ‘test ring’ system, which is the scale used to identify the year a particular cylinder needs to undergo its next Periodic Inspection and Test. It is of particular importance for all gas cylinders which are used to transport gases by road, as they are bound by a legal requirement to be inspected and retested within a defined timescale.

Prior to this, the BCGA had also lifted the charge to access its publication database online, granting free of charge access to all of the BCGA’s publications online as part of the association’s drive to increase awareness and reinforce safety standards across the gases sector.

The BCGA has also this summer announced the beginning of a new period of presidency under Tony Edwards, Managing Director of Nottingham-based Luxfer Gas Cylinders. Edwards succeeds Richard Gearing, Head of Regional Operations at BOC UK & Ireland, as President of the BCGA and has already stated his aim to further the trade body’s ‘continued growth’.