The British Compressed Gases Association (BCGA) has produced a new guide providing compreshive advice on the key issues surrounding vehicular transportation in the industry.

Guidance Note 35 ‘Vehicle Selection and Transport Management’ brings together for the first time key criteria and information of value to manufacturers, transport and freight operators alike.

It includes advice on vehicle selection, the recruitment, training and assessment of personnel, as well as the relevant elements relating to a transport management system associated with Class 2 dangerous goods.

A wealth of useful associated information, including a comprehensive listing of key contacts, agencies and organisations of relevance is also featured, signposting readers to further information in specific areas.

Doug Thornton, Chief Executive of BCGA, said: “GN35 is a completely new guidance document, which pulls together a wealth of information in to one place.

“The purpose of BCGA’s Guidance Notes is to recommend good practice and give information for safe procedures in the fields of production, distribution and the application of gases, or for the use of gas equipment.

“They take account of overarching legislation and assist in ensuring compliance through the development of controls to improve industry standards.

“GN35 is an important addition to the wide range of respected documents already available providing information in accordance with these objectives.”