As part of an industry drive to ensure the highest standards of quality and safety, an important advice leaflet entitled ‘Profit Through Quality – Good Gas, Good Business’ is now available as a free download from the BFBi, BBPA and the BCGA websites.

The Brewing, Food & Beverage Industry Suppliers Association (BFBi) the British Beer and Pub Association (BBPA) and the British Compressed Gases Association (BCGA) jointly produced the leaflet, which can be attained from the websites of all three associations.

The leaflet highlights the quality and safety risks of using dispense gases from disreputable sources. With over 10,000 hard copies now distributed within the industry, it is hoped that the availability as a free download will spread the message even further.

All publicans are looking for ways to improve profitability and ‘front of house’ can often be seen as the most obvious way of achieving this. However as Ruth Evans, Chief Executive of the BFBi explains, using poor quality dispense gas can have a significant impact on your business.

“Good quality is good business and poor quality dispense gas is one of the most significant ways in which to undermine the consumers appreciation of draught beer. Purchasing dispense gas from disreputable sources has been shown to be the main cause of this problem. Brand owners are also becoming increasingly aware of this and in an effort to protect consumer expectations are auditing dispense gas in outlets as part of their quality programmes,” Evans said.

Safety is another major consideration and the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) have particularly welcomed the availability of the leaflet as a free download. Clive Dennis, HM Inspector of Health and Safety from the HSE, commented, “Compressed gases contain considerable energy. In the last two years there have been incidents with the filling and use of dispense gases that have resulted in one death, one serious injury and several serious near misses.”

Doug Thornton, Director of the BCGA, concurs with this and added, “There are several documented cases of incidents occurring in the cellar where cylinders have exploded, causing personal injury, property damage and significant loss of trading. The leaflet provides clear advice on how to identify good and bad dispense gas cylinders with a simple checklist. Following that guidance will minimise risk.”

Leaflet L10 ‘Profit Through Quality – Good Gas, Good Business’ can be downloaded from the BFBi website via or alternatively from the BCGA and BBPA websites and

The BCGA is a UK trade association that seeks to promote safe practice in the manufacture, distribution, storage and use of compressed and liquefied gases and has long been driving the cause, unveiling significant safety progress on so many fronts over the years.

Registration is now open for the association’s annual conference, which will again be held in Manchester, UK this year. The BCGA Annual Conference 2011 will be held on 7th April at the Marriott Hotel & Country Club, Manchester and will include subjects such as EIGA Developments, Acetylene in Fires and an AWD Overview and Fume Initiative.