The British Compressed Gases Association (BCGA) has made it easier to comply with gas cylinder safety legislation after launching a free service for all gas users.

The online guide explains the ‘test ring’ system, as shown in the infographic below, which is the scale used to identify the year a particular cylinder needs to undergo its next Periodic Inspection and Test.

Bcga test rings guide for cylinders

BCGA Test Rings guide for cylinders

Source: BCGA

It is of particular importance for all gas cylinders which are used to transport gases by road, as they are bound by a legal requirement to be inspected and retested within a defined timescale.

Doug Thornton, Chief Executive of the national trade body, explained, “It is vital gas cylinders are made to appropriate standards and are then regularly maintained to ensure the safety of those who transport, fill and use them. The test ring system is an important part of this activity and BCGA strongly encourages its use.”

“We’d encourage those with responsibility for the use of gas and its storage on their sites to refer to this guide to familiarise themselves with the system.”

However, Thornton hastened to add, “If users identify excessive damage to the test rings, such as a split ring, or signs of excessive heat/melting, they should return the cylinder as soon as possible back to the gas supplier on safety grounds,” regardless of its Periodic Inspection and Test due date.