The British Compressed Gases Association (BCGA) has lifted the charge to access its publication database online.

Now, all the BCGA’s publications can be downloaded free of charge – although you still have to pay for a hard copy.

Its range of guidance on best industry practices is now complimentarily available following moves by the national trade body to increase awareness and reinforce safety standards, with the move part of an ongoing drive to reinforce acknowledgement across the sector.

Doug Thornton, Chief Executive of the BCGA, described, “The compressed gases sector is the UK’s ‘invisible industry.’ Over the years we’ve built up a wide range of information that is useful to a wide range of professionals and industries which is regularly updated.”

“BCGA’s missions is to ensure safety in the use, storage, transportation and handling of industrial, food and medical gases. Our respected publications are key to that and significant resources are deployed to bring each of our publications together.”

“By making access to all this information easier than ever, we are taking a significant step in sharing the thought leadership, expertise and knowledge of BCGA in handling and influencing safety,” Thornton explained.


Bcga publications


The BCGA is the UK membership body for the compressed gases sector and promotes safety practices through its publications, as well as participating in the preparation and revision of National, European and International Standards.