The British Compressed Gases Association (BCGA) has pledged its support to put an end to rogue gas suppliers in the hospitality sector, with one of its senior members appointed to a key health and safety hospitality group.

The Chair of BCGA’s Health and Safety Advisory Group (HASAG) Steve Corner has joined the Health and Safety Executive’s Hospitality Liaison Forum (HILF), with a responsibility of raising awareness of illicit cylinder and gases supply.

The HILF brings regulator and representatives together from all aspects of the industry, aiming to improve health and safety outcomes across the industry through a collaborative approach.

The move parallels the BCGA’s own campaigns, as it continues to increase awareness of compressed gases, share industry best practices and drive safety standards forward.

The national trade body has highlighted the dangers that unscrupulous operators can pose to the hospitality sector, with Corner explaining, “The BCGA’s aims are to ensure that regulators associated with the beverage industry have the best available advice and guidance and that gas safety is maintained as a topical focus area for regulators.”

It’s a false economy, which could prove fatal

Doug Thornton, BCGA CEO

Gas supply from rogue traders poses significant issues for the industry and could result in serious injuries or even death. Ruptured cylinders, illicit gas filling, equipment interference and even delivery of the wrong gases are amongst some of the problems.

If cylinders are not properly checked and tested, they could present life-threatening hazards.

Doug Thornton, BCGA CEO, emphasised, “We are aware that rogue traders are stealing cylinders and filling them with non-food grade gases. For the sake of safety and reputation, drinks dispense gases should always be purchased from a reputable supplier.”

“These cylinders may be cheaper than those supplied by reputable suppliers, but our advice is that they should be avoided. It’s a false economy, which could prove fatal.”

The BCGA has released a range of information to help get this crucial safety message across, including leaflets and posters prepared in conjunction with the British Beer & Pub Association (BBPA) and the Brewing, Food & Beverage Industry Suppliers (BFBi), which offers essential safety advice for all those in the hospitality sector.