Brexit will once again be a key talking point for the British Compressed Gases Association (BCGA), as the UK comes to the end of its Brexit transition period.

Providing members insight into all the latest developments that come with the transition period, the BCGA will host a webinar on 16th December between 10am and 12pm GMT.

The webinar will see discussions around key issues revealed earlier this year in the association’s membership survey. 

Ellen Daniels, the Chief Executive of the BCGA, said, “The webinar is an important opportunity for our members to discuss all the issues and consider the different scenarios as the transition period comes to an end.”

“We are working with government in areas including transport, standards and regulations and it is important we continue to address the concerns raised by our members”

“The webinar will provide a useful way to explain the latest developments, with an industry-specific focus. We want to ensure members are ready for the changes that lie ahead and will do everything we can to help them prepare.”