The British Compressed Gases Association (BCGA) has published a revision to its Leaflet 7 (L7 document), covering the dangers of misusing gases.

The document highlights the dangers of misusing gases and the potential hazards that can occur if gases are used irresponsibly.

It’s a quest that the BCGA has taken on with great emphasis in recent years in particular. While the inhalation of helium, nitrous oxide (so-called laughing gas) and other gases is often depicted in the media as harmless fun, the misuse of such substances can badly affect health and there have been many fatalities as a result.

Gases can have other hazardous properties, such as extreme cold, and are stored under pressure in their containers. Their uncontrolled or inappropriate release or use can quickly lead to an unsafe situation, as industrial gas professionals are more than aware.

The BCGA is keen to ensure that it gets this message across – particularly to those who believe gas abuse can be fun or entertaining.

The newly updated L7 document (Revision 4: 2016) further highlights the dangers of misusing gases and can be downloaded free of charge from the publications area of the association’s website.