With the growing traction in the UK and global hydrogen business, the British Compressed Gases Association (BCGA) has produced a short film to highlight the range of compelling benefits hydrogen fuel cell vehicles offer.

The film sets out how the vehicles can help tackle air pollution, provide a comparable range and performance to combustion engine vehicles and, unlike their electric counterparts, require no recharging.

Ultimately, the BCGA aims to broaden the debate on green transport, with Chief Executive Doug Thornton commenting, “Current discussions about green transport tend to centre around hybrid and battery electric options, with hydrogen-powered vehicles largely under the radar.”

“However, the substantial benefits associated with hydrogen vehicles in areas including air quality, competitive performance and convenience are starting to become increasingly recognised in the UK.”

“They have a realistic driving range in excess of 400 miles, which is a major benefit for drivers looking to make longer journeys using alternative-fuel vehicles,” he continued. “The refuelling process is also very similar to traditional petrol and diesel engines at the pump, with no need for recharging points and infrastructure.”

The hydrogen economy – Infrastructure and range anxiety

“Crucially, they also release no Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) and particulates, which is a problem associated with diesel cars. This means they can have a significant, positive impact on air quality, particularly in towns and cities, and help address the health issues associated with air pollution.”

Hampered uptake

The video is also intended to draw attention to the need for more infrastructure investment in the UK hydrogen fuelling market in particular.

The UK is home to a number of leading industrial gas and equipment companies, and also those that have taken a leading role in clean, green hydrogen generation such as Sheffield-based ITM Power. But as Thornton points out, the infrastructure is still lacking to realise the true potential of hydrogen-powered vehicles.

“As a result of these benefits, uptake of hydrogen fuelled cars has made significant progress across parts of the world, including mainland Europe, America and Japan,” he added.

“But despite the success of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEVs) around the globe, a lack of refuelling opportunities nationally has hampered their introduction in the UK.”

Changing the way we think about energy

“The landscape is starting to change with initiatives including the Government’s announcement earlier this year of a new £23m fund to accelerate the take-up of hydrogen vehicles and roll out more cutting-edge infrastructure.”

“We hope this video will help generate more interest in the issue and give insight for audiences including fleet companies, public transport and car-buying consumers who will be better informed to choose the vehicle which best suits their needs.”

Bcga thornton

Source: BCGA

BCGA Chief Executive Doug Thornton hopes the video will broaden debate on green vehicles.