The British Compressed Gases Association (BCGA) is urging the licensed sector to be on its guard against rogue traders who could jeopardise their business and put safety at risk with poor grade gas.

The BCGA is concerned that injuries may occur from the purchase of sub-standard gas, which is widely available from unscrupulous sellers.

According to the association, poor gas can jeopardise safety, hygiene and quality.

Doug Thornton, Chief Executive, said, “We are aware that rogue traders are stealing cylinders and filling them with non-food grade gases.”

“For the sake of safety and reputation, drinks dispense gases should always be purchased from a reputable supplier.”

“Good drinks dispense gas is supplied as food grade gas in a cylinder that is correctly labelled, tested and in good condition, and it is essential for serving the product in the way that the drinks supplier intended. However, outlets are being targeted by seemingly attractive offers from non-reputable suppliers. These cylinders are cheaper than those supplied by reputable suppliers, but our advice is that they should be avoided at all costs.”

“It’s a false economy, which could prove fatal.”

Thornton elaborated, “The cylinders are not correctly checked and tested and could explode if they’re corroded inside.”

“Poor quality gas will also spoil the taste of beers, lagers and soft drinks, which will ultimately mean dissatisfied customers.”

A poster-style guide, which includes reference to the dangers of purchasing gas from non-reputable sources, has been produced by the BCGA, with support from the British Beer & Pub Association (BBPA) and the Brewing, Food & Beverage Industry Suppliers Association (BFBi).

The poster ‘Good Gas – Good Business’ is available for free download from the BCGA website and is designed to be put on the walls in licensed premises to make people aware of gas issues. It is part of a long-standing partnership between all three organisations to drive safety standards across the industry.

As well as highlighting the problems associated with rogue traders, the poster also addresses the use of gas in confined spaces – and the importance of using correctly installed and maintained gas equipment.