The British Compressed Gases Association (BCGA) Annual Conference 2019 is underway here in Manchester, UK, with discussion and debate focusing on safety, security and the environment.

More than 145 delegates from the compressed gases industry have gathered at the Marriott Hotel and Country Club at Worsley Park to be updated on the latest developments, current issues and association news. The biggest audience ever for a BCGA conference.

There will be a series of presentations on the BCGA’s focus on ‘Mission Safety’ – covering medical incidents and an overview of dangerous goods. Environmental topics will also be strongly featured, reflecting what is an increasingly significant space this is for society and the gases industry alike.

The full agenda will review the BCGA Technical Committee’s publications and achievements, along with other keynote speakers, including:

  • Julie Gartside, SRL Consulting – Environmental energy scene vs Brexit
  • Peter Henrys, BCGA – Medical gas incidents
  • Roh Hathlia, DfT – Dangerous goods – what’s going on?
  • Mike Foster, NGVN – How can gas decarbonise transport?


Source: Marriott

The event will conclude with a story of personal endeavour. Claire Lomas MBE, who became a paraplegic as a result of a riding accident in 2007, made headlines in 2012 when she completed the London Marathon in a pioneering robotic suit, taking 17 days, and later completed the Great North Run 2016 in five days whilst 16 weeks pregnant.

At the event, Lomas will share with the audience how a positive attitude and approach turned her life around after the accident and helped her to find her feet again. 


A full review of the day’s events event will be published to the gasworld website later today and will also appear in the upcoming 6th issue of gasworld magazine.