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    Swagelok stops product supply in Russia and Belarus


    Swagelok Company has said it will stop supplying Swagelok® products and services in Russia and Belarus indefinitely, effective 31st July.

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    Carmeuse, Engie and John Cockerill to produce e-methane from captured CO2


    Carmeuse, Engie and John Cockerill have joined forces on a new carbon capture and utilisation project that will concentrate carbon dioxide (CO2) from an innovative type of lime kiln, combine it with hydrogen and produce “e-methane”.

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    Belarus President plans nitrogen industry developments


    According to the official Internet Portal of the President of the Republic of Belarus, discussions have commenced for a new nitrogen (N 2 ) plant to be built in Belarus while the large chemical enterprise Grodno Azot will be modernised.

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    Regional markets – Focus on Eastern Europe


    In this month’s regional market series, gas world Business Intelligence focuses on Eastern Europe. The region has experienced better growth than its Western neighbour, chiefly due to the fact many more emerging markets are found in the East.

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    The industrial gas world in 2018


    Where’s hot and getting hotter in the year ahead? As 2017 draws to a close, gas world looks ahead at what projects, plants and developments we can expect to see in the industrial gas business in 2018. Here we focus on projects in the Europe region.

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    Regional markets – Focus on Eastern Europe


    Last month gas world explored the gas industries of Western Europe, where economic uncertainty prevails in the midst of a number of largely political dynamics. Here we turn to Eastern Europe, where a similar outlook exists, albeit for different, geo-political reasons.