BelGAS® has developed a new P1098 High-Capacity Pressure Reducing Regulator, a large-volume regulator for natural gas, propane and other fuels serving the industrial or commercial markets.

Launched yesterday, the P1098 incorporates various pilot systems and a large-area actuator diaphragm, allowing for fast and accurate response engineered for modulating flow conditions.

BelGAS Introduces P1098 High-Capacity Regulator PR Image 5.28.20

Source: BelGAS

“The immediacy of response with the P1098 is unequalled,” said Dwight Nafziger, BelGAS’ Vice-President of Sales.

“It goes from completely closed to full completely open in milliseconds, providing the kind of performance and accuracy that industrial and commercial markets demand.”

Additional features of the regulator include multiple pilot choices for low to extra-high pressure—up to 400 psi main valve inlet. All venting/loading pressure bleeds downstream so there is no atmospheric relief.