If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s to expect the unexpected. At this time last year, when many of us were charting our 2020 goals, budgets, and projects, who could have accurately forecast the events that were to come? Many of our plans, both professional and personal, were so suddenly upended. 2020 has been a great proof of Benjamin Franklin’s famous words, “Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.”

Now, as we each finalise our plans for 2020, there is another change on the horizon – the impending 3G network shutdown in the US. 2021 will be the last chance for gas distributors with 3G telemetry systems to retrofit or replace these units before they begin to go offline in early 2022. Tens of thousands of telemetry units will need to be replaced all across the country next year.

This can seem like a far-off problem and something to think about months from now. However, it pays to remember Benjamin Franklin’s words. If the pandemic had struck midway through 2021 instead of early 2020, would you have been able to adapt to the pandemic and replace a large part of your telemetry fleet at the same time? Hopefully we won’t see any events like the pandemic next year, but no one has a crystal ball. That is why it is best whenever possible to make a plan and take action today.

Fortunately, now is the perfect time for gas distributors to develop their 3G shutdown plan and make decisions that will position them for success in 2021. Some distributors have already done this and are well on their way to upgrading their fleets. For example, Wise Telemetry is working with one significant company that developed its plan in early 2020. This customer then began to execute their plan last summer, and is now working with Wise Telemetry to retrofit several thousand telemetry units over the next 12 months.

If you haven’t made a plan yet, it’s not too late. By starting today, you can still develop a strategy that will allow you to smoothly and efficiently navigate the 3G shutdown. You will then have time to implement your strategy while also allowing time to adapt for whatever surprises may come in 2021.

At Wise Telemetry, we understand it can be difficult to fit another project on your already busy to-do list. That’s why we will make your 3G upgrade process as simple and quick as possible.  We have developed products that allow you to retrofit your existing 3G units for as little as $125 without any changes to your existing piping, fittings, solar panels, or mountings. All you need is a screwdriver and 5 minutes. Our team is ready to help you evaluate your options and make the best choice for your company.

The world has changed a lot in the 250 years since Benjamin’s Franklin’s time, but his words still ring true: “Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.”

About the author

Eric Wise is the founder and CEO of Wise Telemetry, a leading gas monitoring company. All Wise Telemetry systems operate on the most modern and sophisticated networks available to deliver unparalleled value to you and your customers. To learn more, visit wisetelemetry.com or email [email protected]