A view of the future through the industrial gas “crystal ball”

Bertrand Saraux, Vice President Industrial Merchant for Eastern Europe at Air Liquide

Bertrand Saraux joined Air Liquide more than 30-years-ago and worked in the R&D sector of the business, developing applications in food, before joining the French operation where he his responsibilities for the business increased.

He joined international marketing in 1995 before moving to Japan to take responsibility for the company’s Industrial Merchant and Healthcare activities.

Saraux became General Manager of Air Liquide in Portugal in 2004 and Vice President of the Industrial Merchant sector inside the European organisation in 2008. After more than three years in the Industrial Merchant World business line, in the Paris Head Office, he is now Vice President of the Industrial Merchant sector in Eastern Europe since June 2014.

Saraux will be drawing on his experiences at Air Liquide and presenting his viewpoint for the future of the European industrial gases business.


Europe Industrial Gas Conference 2015

Day 2, Session 3 - New Markets and Opportunities

09:30 - A View of the Future through the Industrial Gas “Crystal Ball”