Bestobell, regarded as the original pioneer of the manifold concept for cryogenic fill valves, has launched a new stainless steel manifold for cryogenic storage tanks, enabling the use of either globe or gate valves within the fill manifold.

This design offers unique flexibility, leading to reduced fill times and therefore reduced costs and Kevin Fretwell, Bestobell Valves Technical Director, commented, “We’ve extended our range of existing manifolds by launching a new stainless steel version in line with the general shift away from bronze in the industrial gas market, and in response to customer demand.”

Bestobell is credited with pioneering the manifold concept for cryogenic fill valves for storage tanks in the 1990’s and the company’s original design is the basis for every manifold valve unit on the market today.

Up until now the company’s fill manifolds have been constructed from bronze valves and copper pipes or stainless pipes, but the newly announced version allows for both piping and valving to be constructed in stainless steel. The headworks for the fill valves utilise the well-proven Bestobell loose flange design.

Depending on individual customers preference, it is noted that the fill manifold can be supplied fitted with the unique Bestobell gate valves instead of globe valves, while the benefits of this are faster tank filling times and the elimination of the icing problems sometimes experienced with globe valves.

Bestobell Valves is considered to be the world leader in the design and manufacture of cryogenic valves, recognised globally for product quality and innovation. The company’s valves are used with numerous cryogenic liquefied gases including oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, liquefied natural gas (LNG) and argon.