After the recent launch of its new range of high pressure cryogenic valves, Parker Bestobell Marine has announced it will be showcasing the latest series at the LNG18 conference and exhibition.

It will be the first time the UK-based company has exhibited the marine valves at LNG18, which will be held in Perth, Australia, from 11th-15th April.

The valves, which have been fully approved for use in the marine sector, can withstand pressures of up to 625 bar and vary from half an inch to three inches wide. They have already been supplied to over 50 liquefied natural gas (LNG) fuel gas projects so far, including to the Harvey Gulf offshore vessels being built in Louisiana – the first LNG fuelled vessels to be built in the US.

Duncan Gaskin, Sales Director for Parker Bestobell Marine, explained, “We are very excited about demonstrating our innovative new high pressure valves for marine vessels. We see major growth opportunities with these valves, which will help us to further develop our business with shipping companies around the world.”

Participation at the exhibition is part of the company’s strategy to increase its international markets for its high pressure globe and check valves. In addition to the valves it will also be showcasing its new compact float isolation valve (FLIV). At just 150mm in diameter and 600mm high, the FLIV has been designed to cater for smaller diameter floats.

The conference will showcase world-firsts of floating liquefied natural gas (FLNG), subsea technology and coal seam gas to LNG and will be attended by representatives from over 95 countries. It is suggested that Australia is developing the fastest growing LNG projects worldwide and is expected to become the largest LNG exporter in the world by 2020.