Linde has announced a freezer/chiller designed by the company’s engineers could help those in the food & beverage industry save “a million dollars or more” thanks to dramatic increases in productivity and yield with its new product.

Experts from the Linde’s food team will be available at booth #B5663 at the International Production & Processing Expo in Atlanta, Georhia, held from the 27-29 January.

“When it comes to freezing and chilling production challenges, we cover all the bases – and the benefits can provide an immediate impact,” says Mark DiMaggio, Head of Food & Beverage at Linde. “If you start with high performance cryogenic freezers or chillers designed by Linde (often with proprietary technology), and you add process engineering and industry expertise – that’s going to make a huge difference to a company’s bottom line.”

Linde cryogenic food processing solutions use either carbon dioxide (CO2) or liquid nitrogen (N2) with proprietary delivery systems to rapidly chill or freeze products at volumes up to 20,000 pounds per hour. Here are the benefits of a few solutions to be highlighted at IPPE:

  • The patented Linde Impingement Freezer can typically produce three to five times the capacity of a conventional cryogenic or ammonia-based tunnel freezer in the same linear space – Ideal for marinated or formed chicken or meat products, fully topped premium pizza, etc.
  • The Linde Immersion-Spiral Freezer represents proprietary cryogenic design, combining high-efficiency nitrogen utilization with high-volume throughput to 20,000 lbs. per hour –Ideal for individually quick frozen (IQF) products, cooked or raw.
  • The new advanced ACCU-CHILL® Combo-Chiller automates batch handling and chilling, evenly filling high-volume combo bins with cut parts while delivering CO2 snow for more consistent equilibration–and a leap in productivity –For chilling raw or deboned turkey or chicken parts.
  • The patented CRYOLINE® XF (Crossflow) Spiral Freezer with proprietary cross-flow design offers a high heat-transfer rate that will reduce operating costs vs. conventional cryogenic spiral freezers – Ideal for most meat products. 

Linde offers a portfolio of hygienically-designed, state-of-the-art cryogenic freezers and chilling systems, attractive equipment leases, and turnkey services. The Linde food team performs in-plant assessments and works with food processors to develop optimal solutions.