Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has thrown his support behind Canadian clean tech company CarbonCure Technologies.


Source: Microsoft

In his latest blog post on his website, the billionaire (pictured left) highlights that buildings are a big contributor to climate change and one of five areas where innovation needs to be driven in order to avoid a climate disaster.

Gates writes there are two ways in which buildings are responsible for greenhouse gases. The first is the construction phase: buildings are made of concrete and steel, both of which produce a lot of emissions when being made.

These two materials account for roughly 10% of the world’s greenhouse gases.

In the battle to help solve climate change, CarbonCure is reimaging CO2, retrofitting concrete plants with a technology that recycles waste CO2 into a valuable material to help make more environmentally friendly concrete.

CarbonCure’s CO2 utilisation technology is one of a select few commercially available solutions that are expected to reduce global emissions by more than 10% and create $1 trillion in new carbon-based products annually by 2030.

Gates makes reference to this in his blog linking a video of an interview with CarbonCure CEO Rob Niven.

“CarbonCure has a clever approach to injecting carbon dioxide into concrete,” Gates says.