Biogas company EnviTec and LNG project developer, LIQUIND 24/7, have signed a distribution deal to begin in Autumn 2022.

The deal agrees that LIQUIND 24/7 will obtain bio-LNG from a new EnviTec Biogas AG liquefaction plant in Güstrow, Germany.

LIQUIND will take charge of organising transport and distribution of the bio-LNG to customers at its truck fuelling stations.

Olaf von Lehmden, CEO at EnviTec Biogas, sees the partnership as an opportunity to pioneer sustainable transport in Germany, saying, “Not only are we developing a new field of business, but we are doing pioneering work for the transition to more sustainable transport in Germany.”

“The utilization of bio-LNG has significant potential to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the transport sector compared with oil-based fuels.”

“Together with LIQUIND as a partner for the marketing of the fuel at truck stations, we are able to significantly contribute to the decarbonisation of heavy-duty traffic.”

Speaking about the important of the deal and the future of LNG in Germany, Christian Schneider, Managing Director at LIQUIND, commented, “We are happy about the start of this cooperation with regards to this important matter and underline our commitment to develop a sustainable fuels infrastructure in Germany.”

“The bio-LNG from this and additional projects enables our customer to operate their vehicles even more sustainably while benefiting from constant high quality and security of supply.”

LIQUIND have stated that by 2025 all LNG that is sold at the company’s fuelling stations should be derived from renewable sources.