BJ Tubular Services today announced it has been awarded a multi-million dollar contract by Santos (Sampang) Pty Ltd. to provide casing and tubing running services in Indonesia, supporting Santos’s drilling activities on several different wells offshore Indonesia.

Operating from its bases in Balikpapan and Jakarta, BJ has already commenced operations on the two-year contract. BJ personnel are using a comprehensive package of tubular running equipment, including Fill-up and Circulate Tools that provide fast, effective fill-up of casing string while running, and the latest model BJ Salvo Torque-Turn computer.

BJ Tubular Services has been operating in the region for 12 years, and has worked on behalf of Santos in the past. Kenny Watt, Division Manager of BJ Tubular Services, commented, “It’s very satisfying to have the opportunity to work for Santos in the region once again. I am confident that we will continue to provide Santos with excellent casing and tubing running services, safely and efficiently.”

BJ Tubular Services specialises in personnel and equipment for running casing and tubing, particularly premium connections, high chrome content tubulars, dual, triple and sub-sea completions, as well as hydraulic hammer conductor-driving services.

With its headquarters in Aberdeen, Scotland, BJ Tubular Services operates bases in Asia Pacific, South America, the United States, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.