BJ Services Company has announced that it has completed a major contract to provide precommissioning services for Technip on the MA-D6 oilfield development offshore India.

The oilfield is located in the Krishna Godavari Basin in the Bay of Bengal South East offshore Kakinada.

BJ Services was awarded a contract by Technip in January 2008 to supply a range of precommissioning services. The scope of the project required the company to plan and manage several different phases, including initial engineering and project managem ent services designed to complete the work within a tight timeframe.

Hydraulic and electrical testing of both dynamic and infield umbilicals was carried out during pre-installation, installation, overboarding and post-installation phases of the operation.

BJ’s pipeline precommissioning specialists carried out cleaning, flooding and pressure testing of the 8-in. production infield flowlines.

In addition, the 6-in. gas injection riser was cleaned, flooded, pressure-tested and treated with mono ethylene glycol (MEG). The fast-track operation was carried out efficiently and completed on schedule.

The MA-D6 is part of the larger KG-D6 oil and gas field that is situated in water depths of up to 1,200m (3,937 ft.). The pipeline network gathers oil and gas from the Krishna Godavari Basin, for export onshore to India.

“The MA-D6 project was challenging for a number of reasons, including the fast-track timeframe and the water depths in which we were working,” said Lindsay Link, General Manager of BJ Services, Process and Pipeline Services.

“A great deal of detailed engineering and planning was required to ensure that we would be able to complete all phases of the project on schedule. If you consider that the work was performed with zero downtime, it wasn’t easy. Given that the operation was carried out smoothly, it is an impressive achievement,” he added.

During recent years, BJ Services has carried out pipeline precommissioning operations in Tapti Field, and on various onshore and offshore pipeline developments in the region.