The BJ Services Company has revealed that Marco Acosta has been appointed to the position of Latin America Area Manager for Tubular Services, overseeing all aspects of business development and project management.

In his new role, Acosta oversees all aspects of operations, business development and management of projects in Latin America, that require running casing and tubing or driving conductors, particularly for deepwater tubular installations.

BJ Services will be striving to strengthen its presence in the oil & gas exploration and processing industry in Latin America.

Looking ahead, Acosta aims to continue to expand BJ Services’ provision of tubular services in the region and commented, “The company’s tubular services line has an excellent history of performance around the world. Our strategy is to strengthen our presence in Latin America, particularly in conjunction with our deepwater and intelligent completions running equipment, and rig mechanisation and hammer services.”

“BJ Services already supplies multiple well services in the region. We are looking forward to offering tubular services in many of the areas in Latin America where BJ Services has been operating successfully for a number of years,” he added.

Based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Acosta will report to Kenny Watt, Vice-President of Tubular Services for BJ Services.