BJ Services has been awarded a contract by Karachaganak Petroleum Operating B. V. (KPO) to provide a range of process services in Kazakhstan, including responsibility for supplying all liquid nitrogen.

The Karachaganak field processing complex (KPC) is located near Aksai in Kazakhstan and requires extensive maintenance and nitrogen supply to support operations.

BJ’s process and pipeline services specialists will provide critical nitrogen purging, nitrogen/helium leak detection testing, and nitrogen equalisation services. These activities will be carried out on a call-off basis to support scheduled shutdown and maintenance activities, and in the event of an emergency.

The company is also responsible for supplying all liquid nitrogen and associated consumables. With an estimated annual consumption of up to 1,800 tonnes of liquid nitrogen required to carry out the services, BJ has secured contracts for liquid nitrogen from local vendors to ensure regular delivery.

By providing a storage capacity of more than 200 tonnes of liquid nitrogen, BJ will have ample supplies on-site for the regular service activities. Meanwhile in Aksai, the company maintains a full range of leak detection and nitrogen pressurization equipment, a dedicated nitrogen pumping and vaporization spread and three additional spreads that can be mobilized – as and when required.

BJ Services has been involved with the Karachaganak field development project since the initial construction and commissioning of the Phase II facilities in 2002. The company provided nitrogen and helium leak detection testing, and lube oil-flushing services for the company's process facilities, Unit 2 and the KPC.

The company has an even more extensive history in the country - for the past 15 years BJ Services has been providing pipeline, process and well services in Kazakhstan. In 1994, the company provided nitrogen and helium leak detection, and drying services on a major project in Tengiz. Just three years later, the company opened a permanent base in 1997 in Almaty, and has continued to expand consistently throughout the region.

Production on the Karachaganak Field project is achieved through three operational units: KPC, Unit 2 and Unit 3. Currently, KPC operates three production trains with export terminals at Bolshoi Chagan and Atyrau.