BJ Services announced that it has opened an Employee Development Centre (EDC) in Aberdeen, Scotland to enhance its range of training services and development resources for employees in the Europe and Africa regions, and in the BJ Process and Pipeline Services (BJ PPS) and BJ Tubular Services divisions.

Located in Altens, the new facility accommodates regional training classes by providing multiple classrooms, plus office space for up to 12 staff members and an employee/student canteen.

“To provide additional hands-on equipment training, we established a training area in the yard at our Badentoy base that features a classroom, pipe-loop and open space to run operational equipment,” said Jim Cameron, Training Manager for BJ Services Europe-Africa Region, BJ Process and Pipeline Services and BJ Tubular Services.

“In addition, the Tubular Services division has the ability to provide hands-on training at its world headquarters in Altens,” he said.

Of the many benefits that the new centre is likely to afford the company and its employees, one of the key attributes will be the dedicated and focused training that the centre can provide, tailored exactly to the company’s requirements and away from any possible distractions. Cameron explains, “The primary advantage of operating a self-contained training centre is that it makes it possible for the company to focus on what’s important: training BJ employees to offer the safest, most competent service to its customers. From an employee training perspective, it’s ideal to have a dedicated facility that is physically separated from the operations base. It allows everyone to focus on training activities without the predictable distractions that arise in any large office complex. There’s nothing to interfere with our ability to concentrate all of our attention on the task at hand. As a result, we’ve found that employees are able to absorb information more efficiently and learn more effectively.”

In conjunction with providing training classes in service-line operations, QHSE, engineering, human resources, and sales and leadership fundamentals, BJ training staff provide ongoing assistance to employees wishing to progress within the company’s Career Advancement Programmes (CAPs).

BJ Services is a leading provider of pressure pumping and related oilfield services to the petroleum industry, operating in every major oil and gas producing region.